Some of the works I’ve been involved in have authors listed alphabetically, as is customary in theoretical computer science.

Journal and Conference Publications

Development and validation of a deep learning algorithm for Gleason grading of prostate cancer from biopsy specimens

Published in JAMA Oncology, 2020

Kunal Nagpal, Davis Foote, Fraser Tan, Yun Liu, Po-Hsuan Cameron Chen, David F Steiner, Naren Manoj, Niels Olson, Jenny L Smith, Arash Mohtashamian, Brandon Peterson, Mahul B Amin, Andrew J Evans, Joan W Sweet, Carol Cheung, Theodorus van der Kwast, Ankur R Sangoi, Ming Zhou, Robert Allan, Peter A Humphrey, Jason D Hipp, Krishna Gadepalli, Greg S Corrado, Lily H Peng, Martin C Stumpe, Craig H Mermel

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